About Us

Sure Wellness Systems is focused on making groundbreaking healthcare and health-related products available in the continent of Africa. Sure Wellness Systems is involved with the development and distribution of healthcare products and innovative devices. Our company has formed strategic partnerships with reputable manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies. We also continue to funnel substantial funds towards research and development to ensure that we remain competitive in today’s marketplace.


Health Supplements

Our company is a pioneering distributor of health supplements across the continent of Africa. Africa’s teaming population is in need of healthcare products that improve their quality of life. Sure Wellness Systems is dedicated to ensuring that innovative healthcare products are readily accessible to Africans.


Health Technology

We are dedicated to making health-related technological products accessible across Africa. At Sure Wellness Systems, we also invest huge sums yearly into research and development for the purpose of coming up with cutting edge technology and discoveries in the fields of science and healthcare technology. The strategic partnerships we have formed with key manufacturers enable us to be the leading distributor of healthcare technology in Africa.



Sure Wellness Systems is headquartered in Federal Way, Washington in the United States. We have distribution centers in different African countries and are expanding very quickly across the continent. If you are interested in distributing our products and making a good living while doing it, click here.